Igniter Spark Plug (Output voltage generation device)

Seal Improvement
In the past when spark plug sealing technology was short, there were frequent cases in which the product performances are lowered due to condensation, cable damage, and other debris penetration. Our company has improved the performance of products, in case of long term used products through perfect sealing under the pressure of 20kg/cm2.
Inducing Voltage by Low Resistance Conductor (Semi-conductor) Coating
Existing Air Gap Type product had the spark issues on the part where insulation is destructed when the output voltage of Igniter Exciter is delivered to Igniter Spark Plug. To sole this, we applied the type to induce voltage despite of the insulation destruction through low resistance conductor coating in the Igniter Spark Plug end.
Various Connection Types Applied
We can manufacture the customized Igniter Spark Plug by checking the site and referring the actual products.
Heat Resisting Alloy Steel Used
It is proved tip end part directly exposed to high temperature flame for a long time is the most important factor that reduces the life cycle of spark plug. To compensate this, we designed to extend the life cycle of Igniter Spark Plug by using Inconel with excellent high temperature anti-corrosion.