Igniter Exciter Redundancy Controller

Auto-switch Function with Self-diagnosis Feature of Igniter Exciter
As a device to monitor the abnormal signals in the power free contact form of Igniter Exciter and auto-switch the Matster operation into slave, the reliability including the accurate signal identification and swift switching procedure is important.
Order of Operations
The operations such as auto, master, and slave is possible by simple button selection, with easy troubleshooting and maintenance.
Display Function
Because LED lamp that can identify currently operating location and flow is mounted, the status of operation can be checked externally.
Self-test Function
The power of duplexing controller can be utilized as operation power of ignition system, simple operation test is possible by simple button operation. However, it applies only when duplexing controller permanent power is used.
By-pass Function
Igniter Exciter Redundancy Controller is a device in which accessories are added in the existing Ignition System. Although maintenance points are increased, it doesn’t influence to the operation of Ignition System despite of failures with by-pass function.