Igniter Cable Lead (Output voltage delivery device)

Teflon Coating
If the sparks occur, fine remaining currents occur in the body. At this time, if the contact resistance is generated due to the contact between flexible and other facility, it causes the problem to generate spark in the relevant part. The Teflon coating is added to prevent the insulation destruction, so it can prevent spark and protect flexible at the same time.
Various Connection Type
Igniter Cable Lead delivers the voltage from Igniter Exciter to Igniter Spark Plug. It can be manufactured with various wire connections. The mainly sold connection types include Surface Contact Press type, Pin connection system, Jack connection, and MS-connection. It can be ordered according to user’s convenience.
High Voltage Cable
Our products have heat resistance up to 250 degrees, use the cable with very high specification compared to the features of products which use DC2kV.