Igniter Exciter (Output voltage supply device)

Electronic Switch System Applied
Due to high dependency in discharge tube, the existing products need the periodical discharge tube replacement because of short shelf life of discharge tube and unstable output voltage. The discharge tube is not economical due to high dependency in import, the care is needed because the radioactive substances are contained. Our company adopted the electronic switch system that performs the same function with discharge tube to resolve these issues. Through this system, we can secure at least 10 years shelf life increase by providing the stable output voltage and frequency.
Self-detection Function and Spark Display Light (Spark indicator)
This product can release signals in a power-free contact format with ‘self-detection function’ when the sparks are normally emitted. The spark indicator is displayed through LED, if the sparks occur normally, flickering repeats. In case of malfunction, lighting is maintained. The status of spark occurrence can be checked through these two functions.
High Energy Type
The shelf life of ignition system of other company is easily reduced because high voltage over DC3kV is emitted. It also causes the problems such as spark failure due to the insulation destruction generated from cable, connection, and rod. To ease these issues, we used DC2.2kV which is relatively low, elevated the spark energy by increasing the capacity of condenser and applied High Energy Type.
Spark Rate Selection Type
Spark rate of existing products occurs the single time product (3 sparks per second), this product adopted 6 sparks per second basically used. We arranged to increase up to 24 sparks per second for the assured ignition success under adverse conditions such as cold start-up.
In addition, we adopted the selection type which can select the spark rate within 1-24 sparks per second according to user’s request, our products have the function which can ignite with various fuels.